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Why Apple iPhones Don't Need Antivirus Software | Tom's Guide Dec 14, 2017 FAQ: Do You Really Need Antivirus Software for Your Apple May 23, 2019 Do Apple devices need anti-virus software? | Computerworld

The Apple ecosystem offers a worry free, easy-to-use mobile computing platform, including virtually no threat from malware of any kind. So you can rest easy with the iPad. Protection is built in for you.

When it comes to Apple, all their iPhones and iPads comes with pretty good security. So if you are an iPad user, you might ask do I need antivirus for ipad too! Answer is obviously your iPad too need some best antivirus. Basically, antivirus is used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. Sometimes it is known as anti-malware software. Virus Protection for iPad | Apple iPad Forum Mar 13, 2011

May 23, 2019

do I pads come with anti virus program installed? Do I