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One of the early nicknames for the Internet was the "information superhighway" because it was supposed to provide the average person with fast access to a practically limitless amount of data. For many users, that's exactly what accessing the Internet is like. For others, it's as if the information superhighway has some major roadblocks in the form of Internet censorship. What is Internet Censorship? - IP Location Nov 18, 2018

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Internet censorship in China has been called "a panopticon that encourages self-censorship through the perception that users are being watched." [45] The enforcement (or threat of enforcement) of censorship creates a chilling effect where individuals and businesses willingly censor their own communications to avoid legal and economic repercussions. Since 2002, Amnesty International has engaged with tech companies such as Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft on Internet censorship through multi-stakeholder initiatives, legislative advocacy and shareholder activism. Dec 16, 2019 · Internet censorship is the ability to restrict specific websites or online content from being viewed. It may come in the form of an edit, regulation, or law issued by the government. It could also occur privately is an ISP objects to the content that certain individuals wish to view. Oct 07, 2019 · Internet censorship pros and cons. The practice of censoring the internet elicits a mixture of reactions from different entities. And the truth of the matter is that there could be two sides to the coin. Let us go through a number of internet censorship pros and cons. Pros. Protecting the vulnerable Jan 15, 2020 · Top 10 worst countries for Internet censorship. North Korea (10/10) – There isn’t anything North Korea doesn’t heavily censor thanks to its iron grip over the entire internet. Users are unable to use social media, watch porn, or use torrents or VPNs. Internet censorship in Russia is implemented widely. Some of the blocks are justified morally, such as websites with information on suicide and drugs, child sexual abuse, extremism and information Aug 22, 2019 · Lack of Censorship. Censorship is arguably the biggest threat to a free and open internet. Governments in dozens of countries actively interfere with what their citizens can search for online. In most places these blocks are simple pornography filters, but in others it extends to all areas of life. China is the most extreme example of this.