A web of deception has finally been untangled: the Justice Department got the US supreme court to dismiss a case that could have curtailed the NSA's dragnet.

TikTok Has Been Spying In India And Sending Data To China 2020-6-30 · TikTok has been violating all these rules for a long time. Data is the new strength, it is the new power. Sending it beyond our borders is a threat to our digital security. US media: Chinese consulate used for spying | NHK WORLD 2 days ago · Multiple US media outlets say the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas which Washington ordered closed has been a hot spot of spying for intellectual property for years. Who has been spying on the President? - Independent.ie 2020-5-25 · Who has been spying on the President? And then let us note that the whisper merchants who manipulate public perception are currently targeting our President, Mr Higgins. Huawei ban timeline: UK bans Chinese company from its 5G

Germany's foreign intelligence agency has been spying on Turkey for nearly four decades, Focus magazine said on Saturday in a report which could raise tensions further between the NATO allies.

is anyone actually shocked the government has been spying 2013-6-11 · The fact that it was going on was pretty obvious. The data's been around for a long time. Corporations have been treating it like a commodity for a long time. It woul dbe naive to think no government office ever had any access to it. But the kind of database they want to build on absolutely everyone. Yeah that's another line that's been crossed.

How to refute 'It doesn't matter whether the government is

U.S Government accused of spying on citizens, intercepting 2012-8-28 · The program, which Binney says he helped create, was never meant for domestic surveillance but the agency has supposedly been spying on U.S. citizens for more than a decade now. According to Binney, once the software intercepts a transmission it will then build profiles on every person referenced in the data. Israel has been caught spying on the US, again