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2) I would let you use W7. For the same reasons I use it under W7. If you need to use W7 all the time, take it as your host OS. Working the whole day on a VM isn't that fun + when you use W7 under virtualbox, Linux also takes resources, running W7 as host, you can use it at full speed (if you haven't opened other VM's.

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I'm thinking about replacing some PC's on our network, some win32 and some linux. I'd like to run the actual OS I want in a VirtualBox instance, only one per PC, so I want a mega-thin Linux distribution which will let me boot (without login – I don't need access to the host OS except to configure the VM) straight into a VBox instance, taking the whole screen etc etc. How To Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS On VirtualBox [Windows Mar 30, 2020 Change the Host Key in VirtualBox - Help Desk Geek